Macedonia tours

Take tours and travel in Macedonia, reveal hidden natural beauties, archaeological sites, and Macedonian authentic wine, enjoy in rural trips and taste home hosted delicious food, visit early Christian and medieval temples, explore its capital Skopje and the everlasting UNESCO heritage town Ohrid and its lake, feel the hospitality of the country.

Active tours

Macedonia is dominantly mountainous country. With its untouched natural beauties and many picks with 2000 meters above sea level, and breathtaking views, it offers you perfect conditions for hiking, mountain biking, cycling, winter walking, in the national parks Galichica, Mavrovo or Pelister. Explore the Macedonian trails to tell tales!

Skopje daily tours

Take daily tours in Skopje or from Skopje to Prishtina in Kosovo, to Tirana in Albania, to Nis and Belgrade in Serbia, to Sofia in Bulgaria or to Thessaloniki in Greece. While you are in Macedonia, take a tour from Skopje to the biggest tourist attractions, like UNESCO lake and city of Ohrid or Canyon Matka or prehistoric Megalithic Observatory Kokino. Explore archaeological sites in Bitola, Stobi, Strumica, Prilep or Kratovo, visit medieval monasteries around the country, taste Macedonian wine and food.


Most popular places to visit selected by our travelers

When you travel to Macedonia, make sure you visit the capital Skopje and the pearl of the Balkan – Ohrid, do not miss Bitola, the city of councils, hike and bike in the national parks Galichica, Mavrovo and Pelister.

City of Ohrid lighten at night with pink sunset

City of Ohrid

Treska river with fog in Matka canyon w

Matka Canyon

Buildings, monument and ship around Vardar river in Skopje, Macedonia.

Skopje the capital of Macedonia

Sain John Bigorski Monastery complex with church in the center, with forest around.

Mavrovo National Park

Monument of Filip 2 on horse standing on two legs, located in the main square of city of Bitola.

City of Bitola

Reconstruction of prehistoric settlement in calm Ohrid lake and sunny weather

Bay of Bones