With our Macedonia multiday tours you can discover Macedonia and all of its places. We offer also wine and food tours where you can taste traditional Macedonian food.  In adition you can see all of out multyday tours, and for a custom made tour you can send us an inquiry.

April 4, 2024

Mother Teresa – Macedonia religious tour

- 8 days tour around Macedonia
- Visit Skopje the birthplace of Mother Teresa
- Visit the Memorial house of Mother Teresa
January 31, 2024

Photo tour of Traditional Macedonia

- 11 days tour around Macedonia
- Capture unique moments
- Discover the customs and traditions
January 31, 2024

The natural beauties of Macedonia tour

-11 days tour around Macedonia
- Explore amazing landscape
- Discover the oldest lake in Europe - Ohrid Lake
January 31, 2024

Religious tour Macedonia

-9 days tour around Macedonia
- Where Christianity and Islam mix together
- Admire on Bizantyne art
January 31, 2024

Gastronomic tour Macedonia

- 8 days tour around Macedonia
- Taste Macedonian traditional food
- Explore Macedonian rural tourism
December 27, 2023

Archaeological tour in Macedonia

-12 days tour around Macedonia
- Explore many archaeological sites from prehistory till nowadays
December 11, 2023


- 8days tour around Macedonia
- Visit the most important places
- Taste Macedonian local cuisine

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