Skopje daily tours

Book the best tours in Skopje or from Skopje to Prishtina, Kosovo, to Tirana, Albania, to Nis and Belgrade, Serbia, to Sofia, Bulgaria or to Thessaloniki, Greece. While you are in Macedonia, take a day tour from Skopje to the UNESCO lake and city of Ohrid, Canyon Matka, the prehistoric Megalithic Observatory Kokino. Explore the archaeological sites in Bitola, Stobi, Strumica, Prilep, or Kratovo, visit the medieval monasteries around the country, taste Macedonian wine, and food.

Millennium Cross, St. Panteleimon Monastery & Matka Canyon private tour from Skopje

Skupi and Markov Monastery tour from Skopje

Skopje City Tour

Home-hosted lunch and Dihovo village tour from Skopje

Home-hosted meal in the village of Kuratica in a day tour from Skopje

Bigorski Monastery and home-hosted lunch in Janche village from Skopje

Home-hosted meal in the slopes of mount Belasica – day trip from Skopje

Macedonian Stonehenge tour in a day from Skopje

Kokino, Kuklici & Kratovo tour from Skopje

Get in touch with nature and the rural environment – Lazaropole and Gari – Departure from Skopje

A day trip to the forgotten Mariovo from Skopje

Mavrovo, Duf waterfall and Bigorski Monastery tour from Skopje

Full-Day Private Tour to Ohrid and Bitola from Skopje

Full-Day Private Guided Cultural Tour of Ohrid from Skopje

Vinica, Lesnovo Monastery and Kratovo tour from Skopje

Full-Day Bitola & Krusevo tour from Skopje

Strumica and Popova kula winery tour from Skopje

Kokino and Kriva Palanka tour from Skopje

Bitola and Prilep tour from Skopje

Wine tasting tour from Skopje

Ohrid & Bay of bones tour from Skopje

Matka Canyon and Tetovo tour from Skopje

Belgrade & Novi Sad in two days from Skopje

Belgrade one day tour from Skopje

Nis tour from Skopje

Rila Monastery & Blagoevgrad tour from Skopje

Sofia tour from Skopje

Prizren & Pristina (with Gadima Cave) tour from Skopje

Kosovo tour from Skopje

Ancient Macedonia tour (Pella & Vergina) from Skopje

Thessaloniki tour from Skopje

Tirana City tour from Skopje (with a stop in Ohrid)

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