More about Vodocha Monastery   

Vodocha Monastery is located in the village of Vodocha, 4km from the city of Strumica. St. Leontius church complex is composed of three churches, East, West and Middle. The church was built on the foundations of an early Christian basilica originating from the 5th and 6thcentury and the marble decorative plastic is preserved as a witness describing this important epoch of the Christianity. There are three phases established concerning the fresco painting in the interior, precisely the 10th, 11th and 12th century. Nearby the church are found architectural remains, a monastery complex, dining room, economic facilities, two baths and Christian necropolis with more layers. Over 1000 graves with jewelry and ceramics dating from 14th to 19th century were discovered in the monastery complex due to the archaeological excavations. The entire complex is having a high artistic qualities and visible traces from the ancient artistic tradition. The resistance to the byzantine style and the artistic movements from Constantinople and Thessalonica, as well as the willingness to disobey the Byzantine art principles, are also present in the way of presenting the spirituality through the fresco painting in this monastery. With the renewal of the monastic life in 1995, the monks are dedicating to the blossoming of the byzantine iconography, the church singing and translation activities.