Vevchani village

Vevchani village

Vevchani for centuries has been a pure Christian orthodox village surrounded by Muslim villages. After the fall of the Communism, the inhabitants of this village voted to create “The Republic of Vevchani”. They created local currency sold as a souvenir as well as the famous passport in order to attract more tourists. Vevchani is the host of the well known manifestation held for over 1400 years on 13th and 14th of January, the Vevchani carnival. This time of the year, the beautiful narrow streets of this village are turned into a scene on which the residents present their masks. This carnival is an interesting mix of paganism and modernism and is the most famous manifestation on which disguised people perform plays like real actors. Despite the culture and the authenticity, this village is recognizable by its traditional architecture that discovers the long tradition of masonry. With its location at the foot of the Jablanica mountain range and the natural symbol of the village, the springs, and together with the hospitality and the friendliness of the locals, Vevchani deserves your attention to be explored.

Things to do in Vevchani

Visit Vevchani springs

Big springs surrounded by amazing nature and places for picnic, very important place for people for Vevchani.

Visit churches in Vevchani

Vevchani has population around 2500 and has 19 churches, some of those are in the village some are around the area of the village.

Vevchani restaurants

Vevchani has many restaurants, all of them are unique and they are preparing traditional Macedonian food from domestic ingredients. Here you can taste domestic wine, domestic meet and sausages and many more. Vevchani restaurants are very popular, people from all over the country are coming here on lunch or diner.