Veljusa Monastery, Strumica

More about Veljusa Monastery   

Veljusa Monastery is located in the village having the same name as the monastery, 7km from the city of Strumica. It is one of the most valuable symbols of the orthodoxy in the Republic of Macedonia. The exceptional church is dedicated to the Holy Mother of God Eleusa, meaning “showing mercy”. It abounds with remarkable frescos originating from two periods, from the foundation of the church in 1080 and from the 12th century as well. Among them, the one of a kind fresco is showing Jesus Christ Emanuel as a twelve-year-old child. Many centuries of existence of the monastery, make it one of the most significant ecclesiastical and cultural centers, not only in the country, but also on the Balkans. Once, it used to be a home of monks, but since 1996 and with the renewal of the monastic life it became a female monastery. Today, there is a sisterhood of around ten nuns whose day starts and ends with a prayer. Their communication is minimal, but with the host sister responsible for the visitors you are going to feel more than welcome in this holy quiet place situated in an incredible scenic area. The sisterhood is responsible for the maintenance of the Macedonian Orthodox Church Website. Another feature that distinguishes this monastery from the rest in the country, is the secret hidden inside the seamstress workshop where the nuns are making the hand-decorated cassocks for the Orthodox clergy.