Tumba Madzari neolithic settlement

    The location of Tumba Madzari is in the north-eastern part of Skopje. It was discovered in 1961/2 in the course of the archaeological trial excavations related to the construction of a mothorway. Tumba Madzari is an archaeological site of a prehistoric settlement, scientifically known for its artistic and esthetic values of the material and spiritual culture. With its scientific, educational and tourist attractions, the site has been attracted the public attention since 2008. In the last 30 years, archaeological research has shown that Tumba Madzari was a Neolithic settlement from the early Stone Age.


    In the period between 2008 and 2010 a number of houses were build in the spirit of the Neolithic architectural tradition. Various mobile and immobile copies of findings are displayed in four of the houses, in an attempt for reconstruction of the way of life of the Neolithic man in Macedonia. The primary purpose of the fifth facility i.e. the classroom is to educate the public and organize cultural events at the same time.

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