Treskavec Monastery, Prilep

More about Treskavec monastery in Prilep 

Treskavec Monastery is located 8km north of the city of Prilep. Built on the rocky Mount Zlatovrv, meaning “Golden Peak”, the entire monastic complex offers you a splendid view over the Pelagonija plain.  The only monk left will reveal you the secrets hidden in every stone of the complex. The remains discovered following the archaeological excavations witness that the first Christian church on this site dated around 5th or 6th century, but the most of the architecture visible today is from the end of the 12th and the beginning of the 13th century. The church is dedicated to the Domition of the Virgin. The history of the monastery was changing as the centuries were passing by. The fresco painting is a symbol of great culture, showing the incredible byzantine art up to the 19th century. The importance of the complex is emphasized by the fact that almost all Balkan rules and dignitaries from the middle Ages had great respect for the monastery. It was noted that during the active monastic life in the monastery, the life of the monks is nothing less than the life of those living on Mount Sinai or the Holy Mount of Athos. Even during the Ottoman occupation, a decree from the Sultan prohibited tax and any damage connected to the monastery. Today, Treskavec Monastery in Prilep is magnificent pilgrimage site and whether you want and adventure to climb the steep mountain path or you prefer to get to the monastery by a vehicle, you can be sure that its legends, traditions, historical facts and silence will remain forever in your memories.