Tavce gravce (beans in a skillet)

Short description:
Beans in a skillet is a traditional Macedonian dish and a part of the family tradition dinner table, every Friday.

Tavce gravce

Needed ingredients for preparing:
– 500 gr. beans
– 1 head onion
– 1 dry pepper
– 2 tea spoons red pepper
– Oil for cooking
– Bay leaf
– salt
– Black pepper


Way of preparation:
The beans is cleaned and immersed in cold water to stand for 3 hours. Then wash and put it in a pot to boil. Once boiled, the water sheds and pour fresh water with onion, bay leaf and black pepper in it. When the beans will soften, in a pan with oil, fry the onions  with red pepper. Roux is added to the beans after what add salt and pepper and bake in an earthenware pot at a temperature of 220 degrees until the water evaporates.