More about Strumica

Strumica is located in the southeastern part of Macedonia in the fertile valley of Strumica, and on an elevation of 230m above the sea level. It is situated on 45km from the most congested border crossing in the direction to Greece and 22kkm from the border crossing in the direction to Bulgaria. The city counts around 54.000 inhabitants and the majority is Christian Orthodox. Strumica is the agricultural center in the country, which means fresh and delicious fruit and vegetable, especially the famous Macedonian red pepper used for the preparation of the Macedonian sauce known as “ajvar”, served in every restaurant in the country. The cultural symbol of the city is the manifestation Strumica Carnival, member of the International Association of Carnival Cities. Strumica Municipality is one of the few municipalities in Macedonia which has great potential, regarding the geothermal water. The locality of the Health Spa Bansko is the only health spa on the Balkan Peninsula that is used continuously from the Roman times up to the present. Surrounded by the attractive landscapes of the mountain Belasica where you can admire the beauty of the tallest waterfall in the country and the beautiful rural environment where two of the most important monasteries in the country are located, the Vodoca Monastery with monks and Veljusa Monastery with nuns, the surface area with arable land where you can get familiar with the life of the farmers, contribute to experience Strumica in many ways that will make you want to visit this Macedonian city again.