Strumica Carnival

    Strumica Carnival is an annual manifestation held for the first time in 1970 in the city of Strumica. The date for the carnival changes each year, depending the date of Easter. The carnival is connected to the “trimeri days” or the beginning of the Easter Lent. They always begin on, the so called, Forgiveness Sunday and the traditional carnival night is always on Tuesday.  It is also the only festival in the country dedicated to the engaged girls and during the festivity masked groups visit the home of the engaged girls where the girl should recognise her fiancé.  Each individual or group is having the right to choose the mask and the theme connected to it. The masks should be up to 3,5 m high and the vehicles up to 12 m long. Since 1994, Strumica is a member of the International Association of Carnival Cities.

5.2.12. Strumica Carnival

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