More about Struga   

     Struga or the “City of poetry” as a result of the prestigious event “Struga poetry evenings”, is located in the south west part of Macedonia, on the shores of the Ohrid Lake and on an elevation of 693m above the sea level. The city has around 16.000 inhabitants and the majority is Christian Orthodox.

The most remarkable thing about this city is its environment, a real mosaic of different cultures. It is the city where the two main religions are crossing, the Christianity represented by the daily life and the customs of the Macedonians and the Islam represented by the daily life and the customs of the Albanians and the Macedonian Muslims. Despite this cultural diversity, the symbol od Struga is the river “Black Drim” that flows into the Adriatic Sea. This city, known during the antiquity as Enchalon meaning “eel”, is going to reveal you the secret about the mysterious journey of this fish from the Ohrid Lake to the Sargasso Sea. Getting familiar with the natural and cultural beauty of the city, will leave great mementos during your trip.