Struga Poetry Evenings

   Struga Poetry Evenings is an international poetry festival held annually. The manifestation began in 1961 with Macedonian poets only, and in 1963 the program was extended with poets of former Yugoslavia. Since 1966, the festival has an international note. It is held in August, on the Bridge of Poetry in Struga, with a beautiful opening ceremony of traditional reading of the Macedonian poem “Longing for south” from Konstantin Miladinov. The prestigious Award is the Golden Wreath. Many notable poets were awarded on this cultural manifestation, such as Pablo Neruda, Miroslav Krleza, Joseph Brodsky, the first President of Senegal, Léopold Sédur Senghor, and Blaze Koneski, a really important figure for Macedonia, who contributed to the codification of the standard Macedonian language.

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