Built on roman foundations in times of the Ottoman rule, between 1451 and 1469, the Stonebridge is the landmark of Skopje. The old bridge connects the Skopje Old Bazaar (the Old part of Skopje) to the Macedonia Square (the new part of Skopje). Throughout the centuries, the Stone Bridge was often damaged, and then repaired, but that did not have any impact on its original appearance. In 1944, explosives were placed on the bridge by Nazis, but in the last moment they gave up, and the bridge was saved, lasting till today to be witness of the rich history of the place.


As the name itself says, the stone bridge was built of solid stone blocks, while its massive construction is supported by firm columns, connected with semicircular arcs. It is a pedestrian bridge, and there are probably very few people that visited Skopje, and did not walk over it, crossing from one side of Skopje to the other, not only physically, but crossing through time as well.