Saint Spas (Savior) Church, Skopje

Saint Spas church in Skopje  

St. Spas (Savior) church is one of the most remarkable orthodox monuments of culture in the city of Skopje, located in the Old Bazaar, east of Kale Fortress. The church is dedicated to the Ascension of Jesus, huge religious holiday always celebrated 40 days after the Easter holiday. During the period of the Ottoman oppression, according to the Turkish law, it was not allowed the new orthodox temple to be taller than the minaret of the mosque. In order to achieve that, was to dig the church into the ground and at the same time respect the law. Today’s appearance of the church is from the 19th century. The most impressive symbol of this monument is the wood carved iconostasis created by the group of Petre Filipovski-Garkata and Makarij Frckovski. Through a real mosaic of leaves, flowers, animals and geometric ornaments is hiding the story of the sacred writings of the Christianity. The different styles incorporated in the iconostasis, such as the renaissance, baroque, rococo and motifs from the eastern Islamic Art, emphasize its high artistic quality and mastery of the performance, including this masterpiece among the top achievements of the wood carving in general.