St. George the Victorious Monastery, Rajchica, Debar

More about St. George the Victorious Monastery   

St. George the Victorious Monastery is a part of the St. John Bigorski Monastery and it is located in the village of Rajchica, 2 km from the city of Debar in the western part of the country. The church is dedicated to St. George the Victorious, a great Christian who resisted the torture from the Romans and that is the reason why he is named Victorious and painted with crown on his head. Built in 1835 over the foundations of a church from the 16th century, this female monastery is one of the most remarkable in the country, situated on the scenic road that leads to the National Park of Mavrovo and overlooking the artificial Debar Lake. There are many visitors who are making a stop to enjoy the silence of the environment and the story of the sisterhood connected to the history of the monastery and their life devoted to God. This is the only monastery in Macedonia where the sisterhood is making the orthodox crowns called “mitri”. The nuns can be proud with over 270 unique creations, adorned with pearls, zircons and crystals, for the entire Orthodox world, including the Ecumenical Patriarch.