St. Archangel Michael Monastery, Prilep

More about St. Archangel Michael Monastery   

St. Archangel Michael Monastery is located in the oldest settlement in the city of Prilep, called “Varosh”, in the foot of the “Marko’s Towers”, archaeological locality that was proclaimed to be a Monument of nature in 2006. The monastery is among the best religious orthodox centers in the country and it is proclaimed to be “Monument of culture” protected by the law. The story of the monastery begins back in the 10th century when an unknown disciple of St Clement, the creator of the Cyrillic alphabet, settled in some of the granite rocks to in order to lead a solitary life. An inscription written on Cyrillic letters, the second oldest found in Macedonia, is noticed on the two marble columns from the ancient times, reused for the construction of the church. Between the 11th and 13th century the church was several times destroyed and restored. It received its today’s appearance mostly in 1861 and the fresco painting represents a variety of characters from 12th until the 14th century. Sisterhood of five nuns is taking care about keeping the spiritual life of the monastery. In silence and in prayer, they are drawing icons for the entire orthodox world and with a smile on their faces they are discovering the secrets and the legends about existence of the monastery to the curious visitors.