Smolare Waterfall, Strumica

Smolare Waterfall   

Smolare Waterfall is located deep into the Belasica Mountain on an elevation of 630 meters. Its name originates from the name of the village named Smolare in the southeastern part of the country, near city of Strumica. It is the tallest waterfall in Macedonia, part of the Lomnica River, where the water falls from 39.5 meters. The development of the natural tourism is emphasized. The fresh air of the surrounding beech trees, the good conditions for picnic and camping turn this beauty into a place for relaxation and meditation. The access to the waterfall is through a beautiful landscape. There is a path that includes 300 stone steps made from natural materials. When you arrive in front of it, you can enjoy it the view from a small wooden bridge. In 2007, a market place was opened where the local population sells their homemade products, as well as fresh fruit and vegetables. This scenic area can offer you a real pleasure and romance that will last for a lifetime.