St. George church, Staro Nagorichane, Kumanovo

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Saint George church in Staro Nagorichane is a medieval Macedonian orthodox temple. Its architecture and magnificent fresco painting, are giving it the epithet of a pearl among the Christian temples in the Balkan region. The church was founded in 1313 on the foundations of the original church dating from the 11th century and built by the byzantine emperor Roman IV Diogenes. The fresco painting is performed in the style of the Palaiologan Rennaissance from the 14th century and characterized by accented narration, subtlety and refined and modest style regarding the expression. One really important feature is the extension of the colour spectrum by warmer shades like red and the use of white as a highlighter to increase the dimensionality of the detailed clothing. The church has preserved the original stone iconostasis and it is the only example in the country of iconography by using the fresco technique.