More about Prilep

Prilep or the “city under the Marko’s Towers”, the last Macedonian King, is located in the northen Pelagonia plain, in southern Macedonia, on an elevation of 620m above the sea level. It has approximately 66.000 inhabitants and the majority is Christian Orthodox. On the cultural level, it is a very important city. There are several churches and monasteries where you discover the spiritual life of the population through different periods, an incredible fresco painting and the life inside the monastery today presented by the monks or the nuns who devoted their life to God. The oldest settlement in the city is called “Varosh” and it is located in the foot of the “Marko’s Towers”, archaeological locality that was proclaimed to be a Monument of nature in 2006. The view over the Towers located on a 120-180m high hill and the spectacular miracle of the nature, the granite stones, complete the beauty of the city. Prilep is also known as the city of marble and tobacco. We must not forget the brewery offering two popular types of beer “King Marko” and “Golden Oak”, especially during the famous Beer Festival in summer. The city is proud equally of the Art Colony founded in 1957, the oldest on the Balkan Peninsula and most probably in southeastern Europe. The diversity of the city will leave you many unforgettable souvenirs if you decide to visit it.