Tetovo is located in the northwestern part of Macedonia surrounded by the beautiful Shar Mountain and the second highest peak in Macedonia, Titov Vrv on an altitude of 2 748m. The city itself is situated on an elevation of 468m above the sea level.


Panorama of Tetovo

Despite the beautiful landscapes, this mountain is one of the best ski centers in the country. Tetovo has become the unofficial center of the Albanian minority in Macedonia and together with the neighboring villages of the city, the Albanians are forming the majority of the population in the Tetovo Municipality. This city has a different spirit where the Islam is represented with all its features, especially since the city was the center of the armed conflict in 2001 between the Macedonian Army and the Albanian National Liberation Army that led to the signing of the Ohrid Agreement. The cultural symbol of Tetovo is the famous Decorated Mosque, originally built in 1438. The distinguishing feature of this monument of culture is the painted decorations, the geometric and floral ornamentation and the representation of the most important cities for the Islam religion, particularly the illustration of Mecca, unique in South-East Europe. The Arabati Baba Tekke and the history of the Bektashi Order in Macedonia is one more thing that makes this city different from the rest of the country.

After your day of visits, you can enjoy the delicious “tavce gravce” of Tetovo, one of the best Macedonian specialties served in a traditional way.