Berovo is a small town in the eastern part of Macedonia, near the Maleshevo Mountain, on an elevation of 986m above the sea level. It is located 52km from the city of Strumica, the agricultural center of the country, and the city of Kochani, well known for its rice production. It has about 7000 inhabitants and the majority is Orthodox Christians.

Square in Berovo

      Berovo represents the purest “air bath” with the highest concentration of oxygen in the Balkan Peninsula, with an average annual temperature of 11, 1 ◦ C. Seven kilometers away from the town you can discover the breathtaking view over the artificial Berovo Lake and the beautiful pine and breech forests offering variety of different activities for the visitors, such as hiking, walking, hunting and sport fishing. The symbol of the town is the famous sheepfolds offering the famous Berovo cheese degustation. Many tourists from all over the world recently started to enjoy the silence and the beauty of the attractive nature of this town and if you would like to move away from the noisy city, Berovo is the right destination to do it.