St. Demetrius church is an orthodox church located in the center of the city of Bitola. It is built in 1830 on the foundations of a former chapel that burned down, and with special approval according to the Sultan’s documents, it was rebuilt again.

5.4.8. St Demetrius Church

St. Demetrius church

           According to the Turkish law it was not allowed the new orthodox temple to be taller than the previous one. Built in only four months, with donations from the Christians of Bitola, this church rose from the ashes and became a place where all the believers could freely address God. The central altar is dedicated to St Demetrious, the southern one to the Annunciation and the northern one to St. Nicolas. The most impressive is the magnificent and most probably the biggest iconostasis on the Balkan Peninsula, made in gold plate in the middle of the XIX century and carved by the skilful hands of the woodcarving group of craftsman. Today, St Demetrius is the central church in Bitola where most of the weddings and christenings are taking place, as well as the major Christian holidays.