Experience-Balkan-ICONS-1Making programs

   We create varieties of programs throughout the Republic of Macedonia and the Balkans. We give you ideas for your desired tour and together we make and combine perfect programs for your group. We have many programs where you can explore the Balkan Peninsula, involving archaeology tours, religious tours, natural tours, biking tours, hiking tours, culinary tours, wine tours, as well as a mix of all these tours, for the Balkan and Macedonia.


Guiding services 

    Our experienced local guides make every tour much better with their willingness to help you bringing the local culture and habits closer to you. They are one of you in the group, guiding you through the Balkan and Macedonia, helping your experience become unforgettable. We have tourist guides who are fluent speakers in: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Turkish, Greek, Russian, Serbian, Croatian, Bulgarian and Macedonian.


   We offer regular and VIP transfers to every destination with different types of vehicles. We provide buses, minibuses, vans or cars for whole tours or just for transfers from an airport to hotel and back. Our drivers are English-speaking, very polite and friendly, willing to help travelers each time.


Experience-Balkan-ICONS-5 (1)Restaurant services

   We have established successful cooperation with many traditional and modern restaurants in Macedonia and the Balkans, and they are always willing to provide the best possible service for our guests. You will have an amazing opportunity to try some of our best traditional foods in the region, in any time of the day – breakfast, lunch, dinner, and/or dessert and enjoy the beautiful atmosphere we create in the restaurant. On your way back to your country, you are going to take some of these recipes with you and try to be a chef on your own back at home, reminding you of the Balkans!


Hotels accommodations

During our existence, we have established good cooperation with many hotels on the Balkan and we offer you good rates and excellent quality for them. Also, we find excellent hotels for you for every itinerary you need.


Organization of events and team building

We organize different kinds of events, such as seminars, fairs, conferences, etc. Regarding team building, we offer organizing of team building for companies with a fully-organized program.