Ohridsko Makalo (Ohrid Garlic Dip)

Ohridsko makalo (Garlic dip)


Ohridsko makalo is a very delicious dip prepared from garlic. It is served as an appetizer, in combination with different traditional food.

Needed ingredients:

  • a whole garlic
  • wine vinegar
  • oil
  • salt


Preparation method:

The garlic is cleaned up and put in a pestle and mortar. A little bit of wine vinegar is added and ground until getting a smooth paste. After that, salt is added and the mixture is mixed, by adding the oil drop by drop. The secret of getting a fine mayonnaise-like paste is in adding the oil drop by drop, constantly mixing. It should take about 100 ml of oil for this amount of garlic. Finally, there will be a fine white paste that is a nice addition for all kinds of meat.