Natural beauties

Natural beauties in Macedonia

Natural beauties lovers in Macedonia will find a real small paradise. There are 34 mountains higher than 2000 meters above sea level, about 50 natural, glacial, man-made lakes and much more rivers, waterfalls and natural parks, more than 300 species of birds, many indigenous species of flora and fauna. The beauty of the nature of Macedonia is hidden in dense forests, high ridges and snow peaks, in the crystal waters of mountain rivers, in the emerald depths of cold mountain lakes, in the frightened look of the deer and powerful wild boars. Macedonia has the fifth highest average elevation of any country in Europe (741 m), behind Andorra (highest), Switzerland, Austria and Turkey. You can start exploring the country from Lake Ohrid. Then do not miss national parks Galicica, Mavrovo and Pelister. While you are in the capital Skopje, Mountain of Vodno and Matka Canyon are must.

Dojran Lake

Koleshino Waterfalls, Strumica

Smolare Waterfall, Strumica

National Park Galichica

Ohrid Lake

National Park Mavrovo

Kuklici Stone Dolls, Kratovo

National Park Pelister

Prespa Lake

Matka canyon