National Park Pelister

National park Pelister   

National Park Pelister is proclaimed as a National Park in 1948 and its the oldest National Park of the tree National Parks in Macedonia (National Park Galichica and National Park Mavrovo). It covers an area of 17 150 ha. The park is located on the Baba Mountain massif, between the valleys of Pelagonija, the biggest granary in the country, and the Prespa region. The highest peak is named Pelister and it is on an altitude of 2 601 m. The variety of extremely attractive surroundings, the good and marked paths for biking and hiking, the hospitality of the locals from the surrounding villages who will welcome you with great pleasure, are just a small part of the remarkable beauty. The symbol of this national park is the five needle molika pine – pinus peuce found in just a few mountains on the Balkan Peninsula. This beauty is complemented by the Eyes of Pelister or the two glacial mountain lakes, the Big Lake on 2 218 m and the Small Lake on 2 180 m altitude, both accessible for visits, especially for the lovers of hiking.

The wolf, wild boar, bears, deer, rabbits, several species of eagles are just a small part of the wildlife in this national park. Pelister is also a good ski center but in this sense is mostly visited by the inhabitants of Macedonia. Enjoying in this magnificent and attractive beauty following the famous roman road Via Egnatia that passes through the park, is something you should think about while planning your next holiday.