National Park Galichica

National Park Galichica   

National Park Galichica is proclaimed a National Park in 1958. It covers an area of 22 750 ha. Galichica Mountain is a limestone, located between the most beautiful natural lakes in the country, the Lake of Ohrid and the Lake of Prespa. The highest peak is called Magaro with an altitude of 2 254m. There are three zones of a protected area, which are the zones of strict protection, the meliorative zone, and the tourist recreational zones.

The Park has distinctive relief characteristics: the high mountain peaks that often exceed 2000 m altitude, the pastures with numerous herbs which are a special ornament of the mountain landscape, and the impressive caves from the glacial epoch.

The flora and fauna are interesting in its diversity, the flora covers more than 800 species and the fauna is presented with 10 amphibians, 18 reptiles, 124 birds, and 18 mammals.

The park is not a developed ski center but you can experience its scenic beauty during the warmer periods of the year. Hiking, mountaineering, biking, paragliding as well as the offer from the development of rural tourism, contribute to a better enjoyment in the extraordinary beauty. The numerous cultural monuments in the Park area, with their historical and artistic value, as well as the two symbols of the park under its strict protection, the springs of the Ohrid Lake near the monastery of St Naum and the impressive small island in the Prespa Lake well familiar as the island of snakes, contribute to creating a complete picture for the park. If you are willing to experience the most beautiful panorama you have ever seen, two beautiful lakes caressing the mountain massif, from one side the Lake of Ohrid and from the other side on a higher altitude the Prespa Lake, you must explore this National Park that will leave you speechless.


View on Ohrid lake and Albanian mountains from 1500m viewpoint on Galichica mountain in Macedonia
Sun rays trough Beech trees in Galichica National park
View on Ohrid lake and curved road in shape of M from a viewpoint on Galichica mountain
Gray mushroom and beech leaves in Galicica National Park
Autumn and golden color forests in National park Galichica
Herd of cows crossing a hill in Galichica mountain