Marko Monastery, Skopje region

Marko Monastery   

Marko Monastery is located in the village of Markova Sushica, 20km from the city of Skopje. The construction of this medieval monastery begun in 1345, It was renovated by King Volkashin and the fresco painting was performed under the rule of his son, King Marko, between the year of 1366 and 1371. During the period of the Ottoman rule, the monastery suffered almost no damage and there were 20 monks responsible for keeping its Christian spirit. The church inside the monastic complex is dedicated to St Demetrius. Marko’s Monastery was one of the most important cultural, educational, and literary centers in the past. The books from the library were literally looted. In current times, there are manuscripts originating from this monastery in the State Historical Museum in Moscow, Vienna National Library, The Croatian Academy for science and arts, The Serbian Academy for science and arts, Belgrade Library and the State Library in Sofia. Today, there are three nuns who are maintaining the monastery. They are open for the visitors, welcoming and ready to discover the history of this holy place with great pleasure as well as their incredible craft exposed in the small museum inside the monastic complex.