More about Krushevo   

Krushevo is located on an altitude of 1350m and it is the highest town on the Balkan Peninsula. It has around 6.000 inhabitants and the majority of the population is Christian Orthodox. The town fascinates with its simplicity and beauty shown through the well preserved architecture and the typical style of the houses and even the famous well known French architect, Le Corbusier, was fascinated from its attractiveness.

One of the most important events in the Macedonian history, the Ilinden Upraising in 1903 is connected to the story of this town. The “Etno-Town Project” held in Krushevo every year on 2 of August is becoming the symbol of the Macedonian revolutionaries fighting for freedom against the Ottoman Turks. This is the event that during the history led to the foundation of the first Republic on the Balkan Peninsula, The Rebublic of Krushevo, which lasted for only 10 days, days of freedom during the Ottoman oppression for entire 5 centuries.      This is the town of origin of many notable people who are remembered in the Macedonian history and art. For the lovers of the alternative tourism there are exceptional conditions for paragliding and we must emphasize the importance of the European Paragliding Championship. If you want to taste the delicious Macedonian coffee with the sweet local specialty well known as “lokum”, Krushevo is the right place to do it. Krushevo is also a birth place to Todor Proeski, the most famous Macedonian singer who lost his life in traffic collision. He was only 26 years, and he was one of the most famous singers in hole Balkans.