Kokino observatory, Kumanovo

Kokino observatory 

Kokino Observatory is located in the Staro Nagorichane municipality, around 30km from the city of Kumanovo. Situated between 1010m and 1030m altitude above the sea level, it is a remarkable archaeological site dating from the early Bronze Age. More recently, in 2009, an Iron Age settlement was also found in the area, pointing to the site being frequented even further back in antiquity. The observatory and the sacred site were first discovered in 2001 and ranked as the world’s fourth most important ancient observatory by NASA, listed together with Stonehenge in England, Angkor Watt in Cambodia and Abu Simbel in Egypt. The ancient observatory Kokino tracks and captures the movements of the sun and the moon through the year, the solstices and equinoxes, lunar and solar eclipses as well as the culture and spiritual beliefs between the 19th and 17th century BC. 

If you are visiting Kokino we also reccomending visit Kuklici Stone Dolls, where you can see unique forms of stones shaped by nature throughout milleniums. Kuklici is 70km from Kokino and you need around 1h driving.

For detailed information consult the official web site: http://kokinoobservatory.mk/