Kalishta Monastery, Struga

Kalishta Monastery   

Kalishta Monstery is located on the shores of the Ohrid Lake near the city of Struga, in a natural rocky environment. It is a monastic complex that consists of four churches, two dedicated to the Nativity of Holy Mother of God, one dedicated to the apostles St Peter and Paul and the last one, a cave church, dedicated to St. Athanasius the Great. One of the churches devoted to the Nativity of Holy Mother of God is a cave church and it is a symbol of the Kalishta Monastery as well as for the particular lifestyle known as asceticism and characterized by abstinence of physical pleasures and time spent in fasting and pursuing spiritual goals. The cave church is built in the 14th century and is authentic and preserved with no restoration. There are three monk cells placed within the rock in which the church is built. Another symbol of the Kalishta Monastery complex is the unique wonder making an icon of the Mother of God painted with blackface and clothing and holding in her hands the Black Jesus, exposed in the church devoted to the Nativity of Holy Mother of God which was rebuilt in 1977. This type of icon painting is really rare. In Europe, there are around 450 icons known as “Black Madonna”.

Photos of Kalishta monastery complex