International festival of Antique Drama “Stobi”

   International festival of Antique Drama “Stobi” has been held for 16 editions so far and it is the second largest festival with this profile in Europe, after the one in Epidaurus. It started with smaller performances by the Veles National Theatre “Dzinot”, but today it grew into a serious international festival, with performances in antique themes from all around Europe. The festival started at the Antique theatre on the archaeological site Stobi in 2001, but because of the restorations that are made in the past two years, the performances are now set in the new building of the National Theatre in Veles. In the language of the statistics, around 7 to 9 thousand people visit the festival each year from all parts of Europe. Because of its international character, the festival is a bridge between cultures that cultivate the antique drama in all its genres: from classical directions up to modern and contemporary readings of the antique plays.

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