Gjomleze is an old traditional Ohrid recipe, that is very hard to prepare and it takes more than 3 hours of preparation. If somebody invites you and prepares gjomleze for you, it means you are respected and appreciated guest at their place.

Needed ingredients:

- 3.500 g flour

- 4 l lukewarm water

- 1 handful of salt 

- 500 ml of oil

 Preparation method:

In a deep bowl, flour, water, and salt are put and it is all mixed to make a porridge, homogenous mixture as for making pancakes.

 The “sach” is being heated on strong fire. Two saches are needed for faster preparation of this specialty. The pan is covered with oil and two scoops from the porridge are put in it. It is put on the oven for around 5 to 6 minutes. The baked crust is sprayed with oil, and then two scoops are again put and covered with the sach. This is repeated until the entire porridge is used up (around 20 crusts).  When the last crust is baked, the gjomleze is being cut in the form of baklava and it is being sprayed with oil. The pan with gjomleze is put on fire and left covered under the sach for 30 more minutes.