Galichnik village, Mavrovo Region

Galicnik village   

Galicnik village is located in the National Park of Mavrovo, 10km from the artificial Mavrovo Lake and on an altitude of 1450m above the sea level. This is the village where you can find the real story about the Mijaks, the tribe historically inhabiting this mountainous region, well known in the field of architecture, wood carving and icon painting. In the past, the economy of this village relied on livestock, but most of the locals were shepherds surviving from producing cheese, meat and wool products. Today, this quiet and almost abandoned village with breathtaking and well preserved traditional architecture, changes its image during the summer when the popular Galicnik wedding is held on 12th of July, the day devoted to the apostle Peter. Thousands of visitors are willing to get familiar with this old tradition. This magnificent manifestation will leave you speechless. Together with the sounds of the Macedonian traditional music and dance you must not forget to taste the most delicious „bakrdam“, maize porridge with homemade sour milk and homemade yellow cheese or the salt brine white cheese made in the local sheepfold.