Galicnik wedding

   Galicnik wedding is an annual manifestation held in the village of Galicnik, located in the National Park Mavrovo. It represents a real journey through Macedonian tradition in this part of the country. The traditional “Galichka” style wedding started in 1963 when the wedding lasted for 5 days with the main activities on 12th of July, St Peter’s day. It used to be the time when migrant workers were coming back to the native village and once there were 50 weddings held in one day. Today, it is a two day event held on the weekend nearest to 12th of July. A special jury chooses the couple. The bride is dressed in the remarkable rich and traditional Galicnik wedding dress and the program includes all the traditional customs, starting with the invitation to the dead relatives to the wedding farewell to the musicians when the wedding ceremony ends. The well known dance “Teshkoto” is also a symbol of the wedding, symbolising the suffering of the Macedonian people through centuries. The fact that this practically abandoned village during the year, located on a 1450 m of altitude, is a home of approximately 5000 tourists from each corner of the world during this spectacular traditional wedding, proves that it is one of the best tourist attractions in the country.

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