Ethnological Museum of Jone Eftimovski, Podmochani, Prespa Region

More about the museum   

The Ethnological Museum of Jone Eftimovski is located in the small village Podmochani, part of the Prespa region, in the private house of Mr. Jone Eftimovski, a great collector of the folklore Macedonian treasure. It has a collection of over 160 folklore costumes from the end of the XIX and the beginning of the XX century as well as samples of jewellery from different regions of Macedonia. He is also the guide of this small Museum and he is the one presenting the costumes and the way of living in that historical period and who is discovering the idea of turning his private property into a symbol of the great Macedonian tradition.

Opening hours: every day, but you need to make a reservation and confirm the visit prior the arrival.