Ethno villages in Macedonia

Ethno villages in Macedonia become more and more popular lately. If you visit the rural areas of Macedonia, the first thing you can notice is an old specific distinctive architecture in almost each of them. Many of them are high in the mountains, many of them abandoned. You are going to look at hundreds of years of history and traditions there. Mingling with the locals, you will realize that Macedonians are warm and welcoming people. Probably the first thing you will be offered will be homemade brandy known as rakija, a traditional alcoholic drink, a décor of every village house, or a strong coffee. But be absolutely sure that the best homemade food and drinks you will find in Macedonia are exactly here, in the villages. 

Brajchino village, Resen Region

Elshani village, Ohrid

Gabrovo village, Strumica

Galichnik village, Mavrovo Region

Janche village, Mavrovo Region

Ljubojno village, Resen region

Trpejca village

Kuratica village, Ohrid

Vevchani village