Dojran Lake   

Dojran Lake is the smallest tectonic lake in Macedonia, after Ohrid lake and Prespa lake, with a surface of 43 squared kilometers, shared between Macedonia and Greece and located in the south of the country. The maximum depth of the lake is 10m, but this does not prevent many tourists to spend their summer holiday by the lake shores. A large number of weeds and planktons on the surface make the waters of the lake helpful for rheumatism, skin, and respiratory diseases. Many of the visitors are coming to this part of the country just for this particular reason connected to their health.

The original and old method of fishing is something that makes Dojran Lake different. It is performed with the help of the cormorants and other birds flying above the lake, directing the fish into the baskets where they are gathered in enormous quantities. You can notice the small fisherman’s huts standing on stilts above the surface of the water. The fish potential of the lake was even noted by the father of the history in the 5th century BC. According to Herodotus, the lake was so abundant in fish that if you put an empty basket in the water at night, it would be full by morning. Getting familiar with the old fishing tradition, tasting the delicious well-prepared fish, and enjoying the Mediterranean climate, is a real challenge to visit this shore of the Dojran Lake.