More about village Brajchino   

Brajchino is another village in the Prespa region, situated on 1000m altitude above the sea level. The fresh air and the abundance of flora and fauna in the National Park Pelister contribute to the development of exceptional conditions for mountaineering and cycling. Together with the efforts of the friendly people living in this village you will have an incredible adventure. There are several families where you can be accommodated. Traditional Macedonian food specific for this region is one more reason to visit this place. Despite the well known carpe, here is offered the endemic  trout from the waters of the Brajchino river. You can be involved in divers activities to get closer to the daily life of the locals, like picking mushrooms or berries for making homemade juice, confiture and liqueur; harvesting herbs or teas for preparing traditional medicines, and so on. During your walks you can also discover the spiritual life of this orthodox village described on the walls of the churches from different centuries.