Biking around Lake Ohrid and Galichica National Park    

Biking around Lake Ohrid and the National Park Galichica is the activity in which you can discover the real beauty of the landscapes around the lake and the National Park. You can, as well, rest in the en-route villages and enjoy the delicious traditional food prepared by the friendly local people. Biking around the lake, you will get familiar with the shores of Ohrid Lake in the Albanian, as well as the Macedonian side, passing through the scenic road of the National Park. Despite the magnificent panorama over Ohrid Lake, you can discover the incredible beauty of the Prespa region as well. Galichica mountain is spread right between these two beautiful lakes and is declared a National Park. From some places high in the mountain, you can see both of the lakes, Ohrid on the one and Prespa on the other side of the mountain.