The baklava is a specialty that adorns the table of every Christian family during Christmas Eve dinner. The baklava is also a major dish in the Islamic feast of Ramadan Bairam when the guests are treated and were once part of any family celebration or a Feast day of a Saint. 

Needed ingredients:

For the dough:

1 kg filo for baklava;

500 g walnuts- chopped;

200 g semolina;

150 ml of oil. 

For the sorbet:

2 kg sugar;

1 l water;

2 bags of vanilla sugar (about 20 gr);

1 lemon. 

The nuts are chopped. The semolina is fried with the vanilla sugar. Prepare a round tin No. 36. Spray it with oil and place the filo pastry on top of one another. On each filo sheet, put oil and semolina, and on every second sheet put oil, semolina, and nuts. The last few layers are left without nuts. Once you lay down all the filo sheets, cut them in the form of diamond or baklava. The baklava is covered with aluminum foil and baked in a pre-heated oven for 1 hour. The foil is removed after 30 minutes of baking. After baking, the baklava is left to cool. The sorbet is prepared with 2 kg of sugar and 1-liter water. Add vanilla sugar to the mixture and in the end, put cut circles of lemon. The sorbet is ready when it starts to create foam. When the baklava is fully chilled the hot sorbet is poured over it and put aside to chill before serving it.