Art & Crafts in Ohrid  

Ohrid pearl – The technology of producing the renowned Ohrid pearl, one of the trademarks of Ohrid, is a secret family tradition, passed down from one generation to another. There are only two Ohrid families, family Filevi and family Talevi, who keep the secret recipe of making a special emulsion from the scales of the little and endemic fish “plashica” living only in the waters of the Ohrid Lake. This secret emulsion is hiding the mystery of the authenticity of the pearl. With every purchased piece of jewelry, either only pearl, pearl combined with silver, or with filigree, you get a lifetime guarantee.

The National workshop for handmade paper is located in the old part of Ohrid, next to the National Museum and it was opened in 2002. Ohrid has been printing paper since the 16th century and has kept the old traditional Chinese way for the paper-making process originating from the 2nd century BC. In this workshop, you will have an excellent demonstration and you can buy original handmade paper products. Everything that is exposed in this small workshop is printed on the Gutenberg Press. There are only two copies of the Gutenberg Press in Europe, one in this National workshop for handmade paper and the other one in Slovenia.