Alternative activities

Due to the specific landscape of the country, which is predominantly mountainous, with many rivers, lakes, national parks, breathtaking views, moderate climate, Macedonia offers ideal conditions for alternative activities. There are many hidden remote places, so you can be one of the few to step there and tell your story. Finally, if you desire adventure and you are adrenalin addicted, try some outdoor activities such as rope climbing, diving, kayaking, paragliding, horseback riding, climbing. Simply experience Macedonia!

Paragliding in Ohrid

Paragliding in Ohrid Paragliding in Ohrid is a great way to experience the beauty of Ohrid, this is one of the activities that is offered during […]

Rope climbing on Matka Canyon

Rope climbing on Matka Canyon Rope climbing on Matka Canyon is among the few good places for rope climbing in Macedonia. Located just 15 km from […]

Kayaking on Matka Canyon

Kayaking on Matka Canyon Kayaking on Matka Canyon is one of the best choices for an unforgettable off the beaten track day trip. This is a […]

Horseback riding

Horseback riding in Mavrovo Horseback riding in Mavrovo offers you an opportunity to explore the beauties of the National Park Mavrovo on a horseback, accompanied by […]

Hiking to Ljuboten peak

Hiking to Ljuboten peak    Ljuboten is one of the most attractive Macedonian peaks with an altitude of 2 498m. It is located on the North […]

Diving Ohrid Lake

Diving Ohrid Lake    If you are in Ohrid, you can\’t miss the opportunity to scuba dive. The diving school is located at the Bay of […]

Climbing Pelister summit

Climbing Pelister summit   Pelister is the highest peak on Baba Mountain with an altitude of 2.601m and the third highest in Macedonia. There are two main […]

Climbing to Magaro peak

Climbing to Golem Korab peak

Biking around Lake Ohrid and the Galichica National Park

Art & Crafts in Ohrid