Alexander the Great fountain

The equestrian bronze statue of the Macedonian king riding his horse Bucephalus is the largest statue of Alexander the Great in the world. The statue is standing on top of a column pedestal, consists of three large marble sculpture reliefs depicting the victorious battles of the Macedonians. The column pedestal stands in large circular elevated fountain with four steps leading to the walking ring. The fountain is illuminated with series of light beams from the top, sides, and bottom. At the base of the fountain is a very large mosaic depicting a typical ancient Macedonian scroll mosaics which are found not only in ancient Macedonia, but also in all parts of the Ancient Macedonian Empire including Egypt, Syria, and Asia Minor. The fountain also plays music.


            The Alexander the Great fountain was officially unveiled on 8 September 2011, on the 20-year anniversary of the Republic of Macedonia’s independence, and as a part of the controversial project “Skopje 2014”. The fountain became an instant tourist attraction since the very moment it arrived to square “Macedonia” in downtown Skopje.