Short description:

The most delicious, the most difficult to prepare, but the favorite winter preserve Ajvar is part of every home and every table in Macedonia. Hot or cold, spread on bread with or without white cheese, it makes the mouth and the young and the old red.   


Needed ingredients:

  • 20 kg. red peppers – Kurtovska Kapija
  • 2 kg. eggplants
  • 1 l. of oil
  • 1 spoon of sugar
  • Salt

Preparation method:

The peppers and eggplants are washed and dried, their handles removed and the peppers are cleaned from seeds. Then baked on a stove or grilled. Once cooked, peppers and eggplant are placed in plastic bags for easier peeling. Carefully peeled and cleaned from the rest of the seeds they are placed in mash like bags to drain overnight. The next day the peppers and eggplants are grinded in a machine for meat. The mixture is placed in a pot and fried until the liquid has evaporated, during which oil is added and it is fried for a few hours with a constant stirring to achieve a density of marmalade. Before the end of the frying process add salt to taste and mix well. The warm ajvar is placed in hot jars and closed.