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   Bay of Bones is a Museum on Water and an authentic reconstruction of a pile-dwelling settlement, located in approximately 16km from the city of Ohrid. The underwater archaeological excavations in the waters of the Ohrid Lake started in 1997, but the museum was officially opened in 2004. In the course of the excavations performed until now were registered 6000 remains of wooden piles at the bottom of the lake at depth of 3-5m which were the support of a wooden platform on which functioned twenty prehistoric small houses built also of wood.

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Rich documentation and artifacts are showing that the Bay of Bones is dating back between 1200 and 700 BC, precisely it is the period of the late Bronze Age and Early Iron Age. The Bay of Bones represents an attractive complex that consists in a reconstructed settlement over the waters of the lake, Roman Castrum which is conserved and restored and it is the seat of the Diving Club if you want to experience the underground world of the lake.